It’s about time!

Long ago, on Mac OS (6? or 7? I think) was a game called Triazzle. It was made by Berkley Systems (makers of those fun screen savers, AFTERDARK. Yes, I realize that these days screen savers are not necessary to prevent burn in, but they were fun, and still serve the purpose of having your computer screen saver come on after (a set time of) being idle; after-which you could opt for a password prompt to continue.

Triazzle puzzles are fun, and now they have announced that Spring 2009 it will be in the iTunes store for iPhone and iPod Touch. (yay!)

Flock it!

I just installed Flock, an alternative to web-browser juggling. It seems unique to me, and helps you out by putting all of your accounts and services in an easy access side bar. Log in and out of facebook, flickr, weblogs, gmail, and many many other services available to us on-line.

Flock is available for OS X, Windows, and Linux. Get it now and stay connected!

My Brilliant Idea

Dear Apple,

I would like to make a GUI-based suggestion regarding iTunes. When I browse through my music in the “info” window – there is no way to preview the song being viewed.

Sometimes, I RIP my CDs in a location where I am not connected to the internet, and this causes me to have to enter the information (or at least use a plug in to verify) for the tags.

If there was a PREVIEW button on the interface of the info window, that would be sweet.

When You Wish Upon a Star…

app fresh in actionFinally, after MONTHS of hoping, wishing and searching; an application that seeks out updates for ALL of your (OS X) applications at once.

AppFresh is an utility that keeps all applications on your Mac up to date by checking the internet for new releases and makes downloading and installing them a breeze.

AppFresh covers software updates from Apple and third parties and can be used as a replacement for Apple’s own Software Update application to provide one central place to make sure you’re up to date.

Ok, I’m convinced! get it!

this is an experiment.

I am writing this the using iListen voice recognition software.
It is still learning how to listen to my voice with my accent. Being from Texas, my voice tends to be very confusing To the speech recognition software.
I’m not willing to correct the text as the software responds to what I say.

I have only completed three of the voice training sessions. The software gained accuracy with he should completed session No

The software will gain accuracy with each completed session.

over all, I think this software is pretty damned cool!

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