Used Books

There is a used book store near my home, and today, I think I will go check it out. [Hopefully, they are open Sundays].

I am in need of something to read, although, I have a copy of Atlas Shrugged, I am having issues getting past the first chapter. I was told it was very good, but it has yet to even begin to interest me, as I have read the first half of chapter 1 twice, and still cannot remember what it has been about (or what it is leading up to being about.)

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It is cold in my house, (by that I mean more that it FEELS cold; it is probably about 64 degrees F) and I am trying to warm up without having to use any of the utilities; drinking coffee and considering putting on a jacket.

—(topic change)—

I ate at a Chinese restaurant yesterday and had shrimp, which is considerably high in cholesterol (as am I). This means that I have to eat well for a week or so in order to reverse that trend. Wish me luck.

I have to go to the grocery store, since I will need to buy more fruit and vegetables. Sadly, I do not really feel up to going anywhere at this time.

Book Recommendations…

I am looking for a new book to read. Make suggestions below.

Muir Woods

steps - Muir Woods Hike

steps - Muir Woods Hike

Resolutions and Whatever else

I gotta get in the habit of working out. I hate working out. I also hate the fact that my ass has expanded just enough to make my pants into Floods.

Hrmph. Ten freakin’ pounds to lose.

What the heyll?

Well, it seems I put way way too much on my plate this semester. While it isn’t really all that much; one in person class 2x a week, one on line class that takes up way more time than a regular class, one full time job and one part time job … I just don’t have the energy to LOOK for the desire to STUDY.

I dislike my full time job, passionately. Nobody there is happy, ever. My bosses are not helping things, and often they make it worse.

Other events include the fact that my dog injured himself sometime last night. I was in bed and heard him cry out. I got up and touched his legs, feet, head, face, jaws, neck, back, stomach (etc.) trying to locate the source of the pain. He was limping (favoring the front right leg – not paw).

I took him to the vet (where I work my part time job). One of the doc.s looked at him and verified my theory that it was his “elbow” or “shoulder”. Since we cannot determine if it is a bone or soft-tissue problem, BUT he does put some weight on it (he is walking) she didn’t think an x-ray would be able to tell much at this time. I left with my still-gimpy dog, a bottle of Rimadyl (for temporary relief). I will not give this to him long term, since it can have ill effects on his LIVER. :(

Anyway, I left with the pain meds, and some glucosamine chewies that he really seems to like. I hope he finds some relief and that it was just a pulled muscle or strain and not anything severe. He’s an old dog (13 years old in Feb. 2009) and I want him to have a happy rest of his life.

That sums it up. I have to leave for work at the vet very soon (in about 15 minutes – not that it will be relevant when you will be reading this), and then I get to come home and study for two exams (one on line to be completed by 10 pm tonight, and the other is Tuesday evening after a full day of regular work).

Happy up-and-coming-no way to avoid it – Monday

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