I made a new masthead. I like it… I hope you like it too.

Movies I have recently enjoyed… either on DirecTV or NetFlix:

The Invisible (2007)

The Lookout (2007)

The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007)

Shiny Happy… iPhone!

Ok… I am a bit late in sharing the news. I have had an iPhone 3G since the day after they were released. I have been having too much fun with it to log in to WP to talk about it. 

I have many (goodies) accessories to go with it, and will come back to give details and reviews about some of the things I have tried.

I hope to re-design a header that is actually a GOOD design very soon. The one I have up now is crap, but I wanted to put SOMETHING up.

I have sold quite a few dishwasher magnets on ZAZZLE… check it out at its price is very fair and everyone could use a clean / dirty dishwasher magnet!

Oops! i bwoke it…

Once again, I had managed to screw up my template.
update… 6 May 2007
That is the one thing I am not so happy with about WordPress. Actually, it is the ONLY thing.

When I decided to start this weblog, I wanted to check out WordPress rather than use Blogger (which is what I use with some other sites I have managed).

For those other sites, I authored and designed all of the CSS and HTML that corresponds with it in a text editor. For this site I hacked up a theme by someone else in the “ready-made” cheater templates. (I only hacked it a little bit, because it is truely a nice theme).

I think I have it all back in place, and now I can continue with regular writing. actually start writing on a regular basis.

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a fantastic turkey day, America!

Cross-Continental Stalking Gone Right

I have this crazy haibt of watching movies (on satellite tv) which are also sitting on my DVD shelf. Typically we say “Don’t we OWN THIS?” and continue to watch it on the television anyway.

When I was channel-zipping (you get about 3 seconds to hook me) I stopped on The Goonies. For the most part, most of the kids-growed-up in this movie have remained in the Hollywood spotlight, many of them might have faired better to follow the lead of CHUNK. (ah, the beloved chubby comic relief that movies seem to have.)

Personally, I have always held a place in my heart for his character in this movie. I was wondering “where is he now?” and entered “goonies chunk” into a goo-search.

When it comes to search results, much like my channel-zipping habits – you have a small window of opportunity to GRAB me as I skim over the words on the LCD screen of my Powerbook.

That is where I found this piece, written in 2004, which I could not help but continue to read beyond the first “page”.

Bravo. I loved this article posting.

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