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— and I have a brand-new MacBook Pro —

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What the HELL? (update from previous post)

Ok… so on Sunday, 17 June 2012, I wrote submitted a comment to Apple regarding their newest laptop not being upgradable. Later that night (YES, THAT NIGHT), the power chord plug-in (DC port) to my laptop FAILED and the small on-plug indicator light was not LED-ing. I could not get the “it’s plugged in” indicator to change with all the twisting and turning of the AC adapter. I even tried my spare power cord.

I was saddened. It did not occur to me at that time that this potentially happened because my old *but very trusty and reliable* G4 Powebook not only detected the POTENTIAL for being replaced, but also retaliated. “Oh, so you are thinking of replacing ME, huh? Well farkle you too!”

Of course, dear PB G4, I am not intending on purchasing a new laptop “right now”. I even had mentioned to the Apple product feedback line folks that you are still reliable and fairly strong — (although some things are starting to not work – and are no longer upgradable, which I believe I said makes me sad.)

Either way — we spent $80 and revived you, once again.

FYI — When we do eventually purchase your predecessor — you will be utilized regularly when we convert our kegerator to a kegbot [].

Hang tough, PB G4. You are NOT going to be dismantled and left in a closet.

This. Is Really Very Sad.

It was recently brought to my attention that the newest Apple laptops are extremely [NON-UPGRADABLE]. This is one of (many) articles available online, so I am not going to get into re-wording everything they have said — especially since I have not used / or disassembled one myself.

The Retina MacBook is the least repairable laptop we’ve ever taken apart.

I was PLANNING to purchase a new MacBook Pro — very soon. BUT then I read all this smack about how crappy it is because they are essentially not an upgradable product. I took it upon myself to go to the
Apple website, vent my frustration, and possibly even let a few expletives fly… I’m not sure now. BUT, I did copy my [comment form] letter to the clipboard before submitting it to them, and I am sharing that with you today.

-[ GENERAL FEEDBACK ]- regarding the “new” Retina MacBook Pro – WHICH, in concept — disappoints me.

I have been familiar with APPLE since 1984, and personally used Apple products since 1994 (longer if you want to count the Apple computers I used during junior high and high school in the mid-to-late 80s). I purchased a used TiBook in 2004, and when the Ai Powerbook came out, I upgraded myself by purchasing one.

I still use that Aluminum Powerbook G4, and I have to say, it runs well. It has been upgraded a few times: larger hard drive, more RAM, newer Optical drive for better DVD/r/w capability, etc. I have held out replacing it with a newer Apple powerbook equivalent, mostly due to the fact that my Ai Powerbook still works remarkably well, (considering its age).

Now, with the lack of app-upgrades available for the non-Intel beauties, and now, being that I felt I had used this wonderful laptop and loved it as long as I have — I thought “hey, let’s take a look at the new retina display models”

Then I read about their LACK of upgradability. []

This broke my heart. This is the worst computer-related news I have received in a very long time.

WHY, WHY would you do this? I can, I suppose, remotely understand the sealing of the retina display but — WHY solder the RAM to the logic board? WHY make this newest model so UN-UPGRADABLE?

Please tell me that you will consider in future models going back to UPGRADABILITY.

I guess until then, I will stick with what I have, which is a lower-slower mac now that it is nearing fossil-age.

PS — your drop menus [below this form] could at least include an option for those of us that LOVE our old-school mac enough to still be using it — NOT ONLY would it make this form useful, but it would also TOOT your own horns that your computers, while older, still work quite well.

What type of computer do I own?
PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15″, which is well-used, much loved, and has had several parts replaced over the years, including: DVD upgrades, OS upgrades, RAM upgrades, HD upgrades, one or two keyboard key caps replacement, and 2 AC power adapter cords,

Which Operating system am I running?
OS X 10.5.8 – the lovely Leopard.

I think Apple finally managed to disappoint me.

Rest in peace, Steve, your company may be following you [death of greatness] in the near future because the people running it are RUINING all of the things I love about the product(s); leaving those of us with tech-skills without an upgradable Mac Laptop.


IF I get any feedback that isn’t some automated bullshit auto-send thing, and hear from an actual person — I will come back and let you know what they said.

I Once Was Lost…

My morning commute is not a long one, averaging twenty minutes. I live in-between San Francisco and Sacramento nested in a valley; which means that I have a mountain range on either side of the roads upon which I travel.

We are lucky enough to pick up broadcasts from both cities, although, as great as FM radio is, it travels in straight lines, which means that when I get to a point on the road that said signal is BLOCKED by a huge chunk of protruding earth, I lose reception.

I am not a fan of (most of) the morning radio available to me. The personalities they offer do not fit with mine. I found, after some desperate searching, Adam Carolla, being broadcast via KWOD. I was happy. the signal got a bit fuzzy for a traffic signal or two during my drive, but for the most part i only lost clarity for about two minutes, and, I was happy.

That morning program is no longer an option, thanks to the (BIG NETWORK AFFILIATE), which decided to drop the program altogether. I was unhappy.

Adam, loving what he does, has continued his show, with somewhat limited technology and the help of some friends working with what resources are available to them, from Adam’s home via Podcast. (Thank you for doing this).

I put some linky love in the sidebar (look to the left menu bar on this page) to the forums for the show. I called it “Gotta Have – ACE“. There, you can give Adam feedback and download the latest Podcast.

Adam will need listener participation in order for this project to be successful, so go there now. Send him ideas, questions, links to topics or oddities that he may be interested in discussing and things of that nature. Let him know I sent you and be sure to thank him– because he is doing this for FREE.

We Love You, Man. Thanks for continuing your show.

It’s about time!

Long ago, on Mac OS (6? or 7? I think) was a game called Triazzle. It was made by Berkley Systems (makers of those fun screen savers, AFTERDARK. Yes, I realize that these days screen savers are not necessary to prevent burn in, but they were fun, and still serve the purpose of having your computer screen saver come on after (a set time of) being idle; after-which you could opt for a password prompt to continue.

Triazzle puzzles are fun, and now they have announced that Spring 2009 it will be in the iTunes store for iPhone and iPod Touch. (yay!)

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