How COOL is THIS!?

screen capture of the movie ROCKY Sling Media – is a device that you connect to your (cable / vcr / satellite tv receiver) and your router – allowing you to watch your tv from anywhere with internet access. Log in with your “top secret” user name and password watch what’s playing at home. (Yes, you can even change the channels and set up TiVo wish lists and watch TiVo recorded programs too!)

The Makers of the Sling Media box have released the PUBLIC BETA of the Sling Media Player for Mac users! This was ‘our’ gift to ourselves last Christmas — (primarily, Mr. SlimeyApple wanted one since he travels alot and is a xp pee cee user).

I signed up (with a few thousand other people) to be a Beta Tester for the (in development at the time) Mac version of the sling media player. I waited. and Waited. and checked and checked and gave up.

Last week, while away for work — Mr. SlimeyApple sent me a link – to the public beta of the software. Works very well! I am excited.

What Do you Mean My Hard Drive is FULL?

I love my Powerbook. I love FREEWARE. I even love DONATIONWARE, and I have donated monies to several DONATIONWARE applications.

I download and try out applications so often that it could be classified in one of two ways:
or, my preferred term… HOBBY!

I also LOVE my music. With a large amount of CDs in my collection – and numerous iTunes purchases and Pepsi free song wins– I (am guessing that) I have around 40 GB of music and podcasts from FREEFM radio show (Penn).
DiskInventoryX – maps your drive and displays it in a colorful grid so you can see what occupies your hard drive.

The other large chunks of disk space is occupied by my graphic design apps and vast collection of custom-made freelance artwork… and finally, the abundance of little mac apps and utilites I have collected over the last three years. all mapped out in a full color grid. Get IT!

P.B. Phone Home

First, they let INTEL get involved. Then, along came bootcamp… and the ability to run windows on a Mac (gasp).

I read that now, our apples are suspicious of our activity — of all things they fear that we might utilize invalid (for lack of a proper word) widgets. Apple is checking in on us now, too.

Have Chat Will Travel…

Scenario: You are visting a friend whom [?] has allowed you to use their computer. You want to see who is on-line, only you really would rather not add your screen names to your friend’s AIM, Yahoo, Jabber or MSN account. What will you do?

Check out: Meebo*.
Meebo is a web based IM that lets you log into your IM networks from any computer with a browser and internet connection with no firewall issues. No need to download or install anything! Try it, you’ll like it!
*please remember that using applications like this does not guarantee complete privacy.

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