What the HELL? (update from previous post)

Ok… so on Sunday, 17 June 2012, I wrote submitted a comment to Apple regarding their newest laptop not being upgradable. Later that night (YES, THAT NIGHT), the power chord plug-in (DC port) to my laptop FAILED and the small on-plug indicator light was not LED-ing. I could not get the “it’s plugged in” indicator to change with all the twisting and turning of the AC adapter. I even tried my spare power cord.

I was saddened. It did not occur to me at that time that this potentially happened because my old *but very trusty and reliable* G4 Powebook not only detected the POTENTIAL for being replaced, but also retaliated. “Oh, so you are thinking of replacing ME, huh? Well farkle you too!”

Of course, dear PB G4, I am not intending on purchasing a new laptop “right now”. I even had mentioned to the Apple product feedback line folks that you are still reliable and fairly strong — (although some things are starting to not work – and are no longer upgradable, which I believe I said makes me sad.)

Either way — we spent $80 and revived you, once again.

FYI — When we do eventually purchase your predecessor — you will be utilized regularly when we convert our kegerator to a kegbot [].

Hang tough, PB G4. You are NOT going to be dismantled and left in a closet.

It’s about time!

Long ago, on Mac OS (6? or 7? I think) was a game called Triazzle. It was made by Berkley Systems (makers of those fun screen savers, AFTERDARK. Yes, I realize that these days screen savers are not necessary to prevent burn in, but they were fun, and still serve the purpose of having your computer screen saver come on after (a set time of) being idle; after-which you could opt for a password prompt to continue.

Triazzle puzzles are fun, and now they have announced that Spring 2009 it will be in the iTunes store for iPhone and iPod Touch. (yay!)

How COOL is THIS!?

screen capture of the movie ROCKY Sling Media – is a device that you connect to your (cable / vcr / satellite tv receiver) and your router – allowing you to watch your tv from anywhere with internet access. Log in with your “top secret” user name and password watch what’s playing at home. (Yes, you can even change the channels and set up TiVo wish lists and watch TiVo recorded programs too!)

The Makers of the Sling Media box have released the PUBLIC BETA of the Sling Media Player for Mac users! This was ‘our’ gift to ourselves last Christmas — (primarily, Mr. SlimeyApple wanted one since he travels alot and is a xp pee cee user).

I signed up (with a few thousand other people) to be a Beta Tester for the (in development at the time) Mac version of the sling media player. I waited. and Waited. and checked and checked and gave up.

Last week, while away for work — Mr. SlimeyApple sent me a link – to the public beta of the software. Works very well! I am excited.