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What a boob.

What Do you Mean My Hard Drive is FULL?

I love my Powerbook. I love FREEWARE. I even love DONATIONWARE, and I have donated monies to several DONATIONWARE applications.

I download and try out applications so often that it could be classified in one of two ways:
or, my preferred term… HOBBY!

I also LOVE my music. With a large amount of CDs in my collection – and numerous iTunes purchases and Pepsi free song wins– I (am guessing that) I have around 40 GB of music and podcasts from FREEFM radio show (Penn).
DiskInventoryX – maps your drive and displays it in a colorful grid so you can see what occupies your hard drive.

The other large chunks of disk space is occupied by my graphic design apps and vast collection of custom-made freelance artwork… and finally, the abundance of little mac apps and utilites I have collected over the last three years. all mapped out in a full color grid. Get IT!