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What the HELL? (update from previous post)

Ok… so on Sunday, 17 June 2012, I wrote submitted a comment to Apple regarding their newest laptop not being upgradable. Later that night (YES, THAT NIGHT), the power chord plug-in (DC port) to my laptop FAILED and the small on-plug indicator light was not LED-ing. I could not get the “it’s plugged in” indicator to change with all the twisting and turning of the AC adapter. I even tried my spare power cord.

I was saddened. It did not occur to me at that time that this potentially happened because my old *but very trusty and reliable* G4 Powebook not only detected the POTENTIAL for being replaced, but also retaliated. “Oh, so you are thinking of replacing ME, huh? Well farkle you too!”

Of course, dear PB G4, I am not intending on purchasing a new laptop “right now”. I even had mentioned to the Apple product feedback line folks that you are still reliable and fairly strong — (although some things are starting to not work – and are no longer upgradable, which I believe I said makes me sad.)

Either way — we spent $80 and revived you, once again.

FYI — When we do eventually purchase your predecessor — you will be utilized regularly when we convert our kegerator to a kegbot [].

Hang tough, PB G4. You are NOT going to be dismantled and left in a closet.

This. Is Really Very Sad.

It was recently brought to my attention that the newest Apple laptops are extremely [NON-UPGRADABLE]. This is one of (many) articles available online, so I am not going to get into re-wording everything they have said — especially since I have not used / or disassembled one myself.

The Retina MacBook is the least repairable laptop we’ve ever taken apart.

I was PLANNING to purchase a new MacBook Pro — very soon. BUT then I read all this smack about how crappy it is because they are essentially not an upgradable product. I took it upon myself to go to the
Apple website, vent my frustration, and possibly even let a few expletives fly… I’m not sure now. BUT, I did copy my [comment form] letter to the clipboard before submitting it to them, and I am sharing that with you today.

-[ GENERAL FEEDBACK ]- regarding the “new” Retina MacBook Pro – WHICH, in concept — disappoints me.

I have been familiar with APPLE since 1984, and personally used Apple products since 1994 (longer if you want to count the Apple computers I used during junior high and high school in the mid-to-late 80s). I purchased a used TiBook in 2004, and when the Ai Powerbook came out, I upgraded myself by purchasing one.

I still use that Aluminum Powerbook G4, and I have to say, it runs well. It has been upgraded a few times: larger hard drive, more RAM, newer Optical drive for better DVD/r/w capability, etc. I have held out replacing it with a newer Apple powerbook equivalent, mostly due to the fact that my Ai Powerbook still works remarkably well, (considering its age).

Now, with the lack of app-upgrades available for the non-Intel beauties, and now, being that I felt I had used this wonderful laptop and loved it as long as I have — I thought “hey, let’s take a look at the new retina display models”

Then I read about their LACK of upgradability. []

This broke my heart. This is the worst computer-related news I have received in a very long time.

WHY, WHY would you do this? I can, I suppose, remotely understand the sealing of the retina display but — WHY solder the RAM to the logic board? WHY make this newest model so UN-UPGRADABLE?

Please tell me that you will consider in future models going back to UPGRADABILITY.

I guess until then, I will stick with what I have, which is a lower-slower mac now that it is nearing fossil-age.

PS — your drop menus [below this form] could at least include an option for those of us that LOVE our old-school mac enough to still be using it — NOT ONLY would it make this form useful, but it would also TOOT your own horns that your computers, while older, still work quite well.

What type of computer do I own?
PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15″, which is well-used, much loved, and has had several parts replaced over the years, including: DVD upgrades, OS upgrades, RAM upgrades, HD upgrades, one or two keyboard key caps replacement, and 2 AC power adapter cords,

Which Operating system am I running?
OS X 10.5.8 – the lovely Leopard.

I think Apple finally managed to disappoint me.

Rest in peace, Steve, your company may be following you [death of greatness] in the near future because the people running it are RUINING all of the things I love about the product(s); leaving those of us with tech-skills without an upgradable Mac Laptop.


IF I get any feedback that isn’t some automated bullshit auto-send thing, and hear from an actual person — I will come back and let you know what they said.