What the HELL? (update from previous post)

Ok… so on Sunday, 17 June 2012, I wrote submitted a comment to Apple regarding their newest laptop not being upgradable. Later that night (YES, THAT NIGHT), the power chord plug-in (DC port) to my laptop FAILED and the small on-plug indicator light was not LED-ing. I could not get the “it’s plugged in” indicator to change with all the twisting and turning of the AC adapter. I even tried my spare power cord.

I was saddened. It did not occur to me at that time that this potentially happened because my old *but very trusty and reliable* G4 Powebook not only detected the POTENTIAL for being replaced, but also retaliated. “Oh, so you are thinking of replacing ME, huh? Well farkle you too!”

Of course, dear PB G4, I am not intending on purchasing a new laptop “right now”. I even had mentioned to the Apple product feedback line folks that you are still reliable and fairly strong — (although some things are starting to not work – and are no longer upgradable, which I believe I said makes me sad.)

Either way — we spent $80 and revived you, once again.

FYI — When we do eventually purchase your predecessor — you will be utilized regularly when we convert our kegerator to a kegbot [www.kegbot.org].

Hang tough, PB G4. You are NOT going to be dismantled and left in a closet.

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