Cross-Continental Stalking Gone Right

I have this crazy haibt of watching movies (on satellite tv) which are also sitting on my DVD shelf. Typically we say “Don’t we OWN THIS?” and continue to watch it on the television anyway.

When I was channel-zipping (you get about 3 seconds to hook me) I stopped on The Goonies. For the most part, most of the kids-growed-up in this movie have remained in the Hollywood spotlight, many of them might have faired better to follow the lead of CHUNK. (ah, the beloved chubby comic relief that movies seem to have.)

Personally, I have always held a place in my heart for his character in this movie. I was wondering “where is he now?” and entered “goonies chunk” into a goo-search.

When it comes to search results, much like my channel-zipping habits – you have a small window of opportunity to GRAB me as I skim over the words on the LCD screen of my Powerbook.

That is where I found this piece, written in 2004, which I could not help but continue to read beyond the first “page”.

Bravo. I loved this article posting.

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