Used Books

There is a used book store near my home, and today, I think I will go check it out. [Hopefully, they are open Sundays].

I am in need of something to read, although, I have a copy of Atlas Shrugged, I am having issues getting past the first chapter. I was told it was very good, but it has yet to even begin to interest me, as I have read the first half of chapter 1 twice, and still cannot remember what it has been about (or what it is leading up to being about.)

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It is cold in my house, (by that I mean more that it FEELS cold; it is probably about 64 degrees F) and I am trying to warm up without having to use any of the utilities; drinking coffee and considering putting on a jacket.

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I ate at a Chinese restaurant yesterday and had shrimp, which is considerably high in cholesterol (as am I). This means that I have to eat well for a week or so in order to reverse that trend. Wish me luck.

I have to go to the grocery store, since I will need to buy more fruit and vegetables. Sadly, I do not really feel up to going anywhere at this time.

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