SO much for being UP to Date!

Ok, so I have been fairly lax in keeping this blog updated. Now that I have admitted that as my key point, I can move on to other things.

I have a kegerator, and need to work on building the BOT part of it to transform it into a Kegbot.

This will not be a small project.

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I bought (used) books today.

I went to a used book store in town — and I bought 2 used books (one hard cover, one paperback) for about $15.

I (re)watched Stephen King’s Christine (on DirecTV) the other night, and realized – that is one of the SK books I had not read… so I bought that, and From a Buick 8. (Which I had not even heard of ?)

I’m working on getting my other sites all set up with WordPress — and it has proven to be a bit challenging — (sigh).

Anyway… I am tired today. I woke up – tired. And cleaned the house – tired. And now I am watching TV – tired.

But I don’t know WHY I am so tired, because I haven’t really done anything.

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Used Books

There is a used book store near my home, and today, I think I will go check it out. [Hopefully, they are open Sundays].

I am in need of something to read, although, I have a copy of Atlas Shrugged, I am having issues getting past the first chapter. I was told it was very good, but it has yet to even begin to interest me, as I have read the first half of chapter 1 twice, and still cannot remember what it has been about (or what it is leading up to being about.)

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It is cold in my house, (by that I mean more that it FEELS cold; it is probably about 64 degrees F) and I am trying to warm up without having to use any of the utilities; drinking coffee and considering putting on a jacket.

—(topic change)—

I ate at a Chinese restaurant yesterday and had shrimp, which is considerably high in cholesterol (as am I). This means that I have to eat well for a week or so in order to reverse that trend. Wish me luck.

I have to go to the grocery store, since I will need to buy more fruit and vegetables. Sadly, I do not really feel up to going anywhere at this time.

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Stupid People… (in Movies)

So, I’m watching “The Last House on the Left” (remake, 2009). This woman stabs this (dude) in the chest with a huge butcher knife.

I’m talking to the Television “Twist it twist it twist it twist it” of course, she does not twist the knife and he pulls it out of his chest (huge butcher knife) and attacks her.

Stupid stupid people. Always twist the knife. Always. If you don’t think you can do that, at least slice his throat THEN stab him repeatedly after he falls, flailing about on your floor, bleeding and gasping and gurgling.


added AFTER the end of the movie:

BWHAHAHAHA!!!  That alone was worth my time!

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